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Electrical Building Systems Ltd provide a fully comprehensive electrical testing service. This is an important service for both Business and Domestic customers as every year for example some 28,000 fires are started through faulty electrical wiring and accessories causing 2,500 injuries and deaths.

To ensure your safety your Electrical Installation should be regularly tested and inspected to British Standard BS7671: 1992 - IEE Wiring Regulations 16th Edition, at least every 5 years (10 years for new homes, Commercial installations from 1 year depending on usage).

Some early warning signs are hot plugs and sockets or scorch marks. Fuses that blow for no obvious reason and old style fuse boards with rewirable fuses, lights flickering, extension leads and adaptors used because of lack of socket outlets.

Contact Electrical Building Systems Ltd if you are unsure or unfamiliar with the correct use of your electrical installation or if you would like advice on whether your home or office requires testing. Electrical Building Systems Ltd will be pleased to assist you and you will not be under any obligation nor will you be pestered by a salesperson.

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